Friday, May 21, 2010


I'm sitting here staring at my phone, realizing how utterly pointless it is to sit there and stare at a phone that isn't gonna ring...feelin kinda snarky at the moment, not sure why. I think I'm gonna turn off my phone now...

Worked last night from 5-10, and it wasn't too bad, the people who came in actually had manners!!! *shocked gasp* I was so proud of the general population. I got to work with the awesome peoples last night too, Krissy Martin, and Meaghann. Krissy is my friend Kayla's sister, and she's a lesbian, and she's super freakin sweet! She's probably the nicest one there to tell you the truth. Martin is the manager over the grill chefs, and he's Hispanic. He speaks English though, and also Spanish, so it works out for when we're trying to communicate with the grills chefs. Meaghann is also a manager, she's pregnant as well! She's really nice, and laid back, doesn't yell like the other managers do.

I got to drive in the dark last night! It wasn't bad at all, except for when I got the the woods near my house, and I though beasties were gonna jump out at me! Can you say sped home?? Well I definitely did, then got home and talked to Dad for awhile, and then proceeded to text some people and fall asleep.

Is it just me or do I have an amazingly boring life??

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