Wednesday, June 24, 2009


Ok, in my opinion, these bands are the awesomest in the whole entire fricking world, you dont have to agree, just dont down them near me....

omgez slipknot
breaking benjamin
more later

Friday, June 19, 2009

First week of PCUB summer

OMG it has been totally beyond crazy this week!!! We moved in on Sunday, and that took for freakin ever, and then on monday we got our first taste of college life with classes and everything, and that say the least. My legs hurt SO much for so long that today, Friday, when I woke up I was like, legs dont hurt at all!!! I was so stoked, it was crazy. So much drama has been happening between everybody in PCUB that its stupid. Theres rumors about girls being lesbians and liking their roommates...we all need to be apart from each other for the next 2 days to rest and stop bein so tired of each other. Monday everybody was all wantin to make friends and now its kinda like bout not...its so STUPID and nobody seems to realize how ridiculous they're being, its kinda sad. Today the most dramatic thing happened of all. There was a big group of guys and they were like harrassing girls horribly, and me and some girls in the program were victims, and we had to go talk to campus police about it, and right as we were leaving, we saw 2 of the guys, it was completely scary, it was freaky. But I've gots to go now, later