Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Why is life in highschool so much harder than anyone tells you? You've got friends stabbing you in the back, you've got friends wanting to take "breaks" and then you've got guys. Which frankly I'm not too interested in right now. personally, I could care less about them at this point. My math grade is a D, one of the people who i thought of as my best friends, is wanting to take a "break" from our friendship. Honestly, I hate girls. I am aware that I am one, and that makes me hate me i guess you could say. Because I know how I think, and I know how my friends at school think, and we're all a big bunch of jerks. And on that note, how do you take a break from a friendship? Is that like no, I'm not your friend this week, maybe next week? Honestly, I dont really care about her. Because she's been in a mood for the past idk how long, and shes like i wanna take a break so i dont get tired of you and start snapping at you. If we were really friends, that wouldn't really be a problem, because she wouldn't care, I'd still be her friend, and she'd just not care. But whatever, I dont do stupid crap like that, because you can't take a break, you can just be like yeah we're not friends anymore. and i feel really bad for my third friend, cause she just wants all four of us to be close again. We can't though. the one gets in moods and hurts everybody's feelings and then expects us to laugh it off, the 2nd is probably the smartest, shes found a new group of friends. and the third is really a cool kid and i really wish we could all get along. I just always feel like the odd one out, they're all in band, and something happened at Friday's game, and since then they've all been treating me differently, they won't tell me things and crap. I mean, really, I wasn't there. Of course I'm gonna have questions about what happened, sorry. jeez. I really needed to get all of that out. It's been building up for the past idk how may days and weeks. Laters ya'll