Tuesday, May 10, 2011


I never planned, wanted, or considered dating someone in the military. I thought they were all rude, and I had preconceived notions from my mother, who was in the Marine Corps before I was born. But I was wrong. In dating, and becoming engaged to, Matthew I've become a part of a lifestyle unlike any other. The women are stronger, the men are more polite, and the whole experience is mind blowing. I've become friends with people with who live halfway across the country and who are there for me more than friends at home. Sure our guys have the brotherhood, but the sisterhood is what astounds me. Sure, there are those women that you KNOW are tag chasers and that you just instinctively don't talk to, but there are also those women who are your friends. Age, location, time of day, it doesn't matter. Maybe this is just a mushy post, but I believe that this sisterhood is priceless.

Something that I've noticed happening a lot is civilian friends droping out of my life. They either don't understand or they're just uncaring about what I have to say that has to do with the military. I'm a caring person and I'll sit and listen to other people talk all day long but when I expect the same in return I'm disappointed. I find this funny, because I'm so much closer to my military girls than the people at home who are "best friends". They tell me when I'm upset to go talk to my "girls" and I do. I look at them and say "Wow you're right, they would understand."