Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Thanks goes to Lindsay

Ah I love my USMC gals they post the most amazing stuff, thanks to Lindsay for posting this!

I am a Marine Girlfriend.
In other words, I have gone through the LDL class of San Diego or Parris Island basic training. I have attempted and completed the Long-Distance Learning sector of Marine Corps boot camp, graduating from Platoon GF, right along with my Devil Dog in his own platoon.
I am proud to have earned the title of United States Marine Girlfriend.
Along with my Leatherneck, I have suffered, been broke down, and been rebuilt and designed as an entirely new person.
I have unleashed a new patriotism to my country and my Corps.
Yes, I belong to the Corps because I am committed to my Marine, and he is committed to the Corps.
There are no ifs, ands, or buts about it. The Corps is his life and I am his spirit.
I have learned the hard way, as he has learned also.
Wherever the USMC takes him, I will follow, whether it be in presence or in thought.
I will learn as much as possible about the Corps, because this is my duty. And I am always on Active Duty.
I will always remain true to the Marine Corps Girlfriend's Core Values, because just as my Marine is always presented under the image of the United States Marine Corps, so I am an example to all Marine girlfriends everywhere.
I will always remain faithful: to my Marine, my sisterhood of Marine girlfriends, my Corps, and my country.
And when my Marine is called for duty, so I will be also.
I will support him at all times and at all costs, support my MC family, and will always remain loyal to the privilege of being the girlfriend of one of "The Few, The Proud." I am a USMC ambassador; for while my Marine retains peace and order in far away lands, I will keep watch over our home land, and always remain honorable, courageous, and committed. I am a United States Marine Girlfriend.
Semper Fidelis.

Tuesday, April 27, 2010


How is a 17 year old described as motherly?? Well beats me but somehow I am...Lol clearly I'm the motherly one who tells you suck it up and move on...Lol even Mister was like "You kinda are" O.o Really? "You worry too much about me" Again O.o

Monday, April 26, 2010 of those days

Ugh so I woke up this morning and literally groaned...I finished my rough draft on my research paper for AP 11 so I've got that outta the way...but he assigned us 2 syntheses papers so I should probably be doin that instead of this but oh well, I never get my papers done in that class. In AP US History got a whole freakin power point to do, have to start notes on that because we get to teach the class on a whole chapter section thingy...its due the 29...OMG THATS THREE DAYS AWAY...piss...well damn. Guess there goes my life the next few days...I'll have to get it done by tomorrow because I have to work Wednesday night, so a whole day gets cut out of it.

Oh on top of all that crappy school work I won't get to talk to Mister til Thursday, because he's doin a field op from Monday-Wednesday :( Awe speakin of him, I got a call Saturday night at 3:30AM because "You haven't texted me today and I just wanted to talk to you". Have I mentioned that I love this kid? Lol. He was workin all day Saturday so of course I wasn't gonna bother him lol Silly Boy. Haha I was talkin to his mom the other day and she mentioned that he's been a hopeless romantic since he was 2 years old and I was thinking well Thank God one of us I tend to have very cynical views on relationships...unless it's my own. I'll sit there and offer you ALL KINDS of advice on your life but when it comes to mine I'll turn to everyone I know and ask them what I should do...No joke. Lol but oh well guess thats just anothe reason we're good for each other. He's always so sure. He's just like I love you so...and thats the end of the story for him. :)

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Missin him with a big decision to make...

So I have a huge decision to make, and soon. I talked to a Marine recruiter today about the NROTC scholarship. It's a very competetive scholarship offered to seniors, and it involves enlisting, but going to get a bachelor's degree, which the Marines will pay up to $180,000 on. The only catch? I have to get competitive, and get an edge, and I have to do it soon, or my chance will fly right on by. My problem? I know I wanna do it, but then again I don't know if I wanna do it, because it's like I don't wanna make such a big decision without his input.
Lol to be honest, I never wanna make any decision without his input...And I can't get his input right now...Because I haven't talked to him since Sunday, and prolly won't talk to him until this next Sunday, unfortunately. So idk...I wanna do it but then again I don't know if I can, because for those who don't know me very well, I have about as much competitive edge as a cucumber. It all doesn't really matter to me. And even if I do this thing, I'll prolly not get it, you have to be super fit, and super, I just really NEED to talk to him, and I haven't and its killing me!!!!!!!
I mean not to sound stalkerish, but I don't wanna make such a big decision without him because I know he wouldn't make such a big one without me, or at least I would hope he wouldn't. Lately I just don't know. Early Feb I would tell you Heck NO he wouldn't, but today? I'd say heck I don't even know what I'd say. Probably look at you with big eyes and be like really? I'll ask next week if I talk to him...
I kinda feel like me and him are stretched super thin right now, he's busy with his life in California, and I'm busy here at home, and there is no in between. It's not just the time difference, it's everything else added onto that.
So idk, I really just miss him with a desperate passion at the moment, and needed somewhere to vent and I don't even remember what the point of this post was, lol. My life has fallen into a sad pattern now, I can make almost anything I talk about with people have SOMETHING to do with him, I could talk to you about cows and somehow make it connect. Is that bad?

Monday, April 12, 2010


So I seem to be in a funk. Yesterday I talked to Mister for the first time in a LONG time, well long to me anyways (4 days) I know, I'm pitiful, I'll die when he's deployed. But yeah, I tried to get some details about his day to day but that did not work out...I was like so what do you do all day? And he was like Artillery, and I was like omg i knew I just gave up lol. I love him to death, and sometimes I can't believe how intuitive he is about me, but on days like yesterday all I can do is shake my head and laugh.

Anyways, yeah a funk. Idk what it is, I mean I'm losing weight (good), have an amazing bf (good), have wonderful family (good), getting senior pics done friday (good), and yet...with all the good things I can't stop focusing on the bad...and ironically I can't think of any bad right now. Heck, yeah I can, my boyfriend (the amazing one) is thousands of miles away and I can't stand it!!!

To top it off, if my civilian friends complain one more time about how they didn't get to see their guys for a night I'm gonna explode. I may cry, idk. But they just naturally assume I'll be like Oh I'm sorry...that sucks...when really I wanna be like OMG GROW UP IT'S ONLY ONE NIGHT TRY 6 MONTHS!! But I don't because I'm a good person, I'm a good person, I'm a good But I know I shouldn't complain, bc I know I'm like I miss him so bad all the time, and all that but...idk. I mean I hate to say it...but...idk

Lol I'm just confused and feelin a lil sad right now.

Saturday, April 10, 2010

Okay I found this on someone's blog, and it really touched a chord in me so I hope she won't mind me using it :)

I Am A Military Girlfriend

I am a military girlfriend. I hold no formal recognition with
the powers that be. I am at the bottom of the chain. I hold no
Military ID card, I am not a dependent or a parent. The man I
love may face unspeakable dangers, and I am at the mercy of those
who possess this recognition for news. I understand this and accept

I am a military girlfriend. I have promised to be here for him upon
his return, no matter how long he is away. People may say I am
for making such a commitment with no guarantees, but I hold onto our
promises and have faith that he will come home safe to me. I know full
well that my love for him fuels him in the worst of times.

I am a military girlfriend, there is no ring on my finger to symbolize
our commitment, though I love him no less for it. I hope every day that
he will be able call because a simple 30-second phone call can bring
the greatest spectrum of emotions smiling with tears in my eyes from
so much joy and pain. My relationship is based on a brief
communication where I love you and Im okay speaks more than
and gives me the strength to keep going.

I am a military girlfriend. I take no moment spent together for granted.
I hold onto every touch, caress, kiss, every word. I have memorized
the feel of his skin, his smell, the sound of his voice,
and I play it over and over in my mind so that I will not forget.
I cry myself to sleep some nights because missing him hurts so badly,
but wake up the next morning,
brush myself off,
and start a new day.

I am a military girlfriend.
The events of the next several months hold my life, my love,
and my future in the balance.
When you watch the news reports, you may turn away
and go about your business relatively unaffected.
When I watch news stories of the war I do not see nameless soldiers a half a world away.
I see individuals who will be forever changed by war.
News of every casualty causes me physical pain and deep sadness.

I am a military girlfriend,
not a spouse or family member.
When you say your prayers for the wives, mothers, and fathers,
please don't forget about me.

Friday, April 9, 2010

28 Things Military Men Should Know About Their Women

1.) If she wasn't emotional before, that is all about to change.

2.) You getting a higher rank could just mean an automatic free lay.

3.) Get her a pair of your dog tags, ASAP, this is crucial she will never take them off.

4.) Most of the time, you losing reception during training is your fault. (Though she will eventually understand.)

5.) Most of the time everything is your fault. (Especially if she's pregnant.)

6.) She WILL start talking like you and your guys talk, including using your last names.

7.) Her patriotism could out-do most of your men....she will be proud...VERY PROUD

8.) Be ready: your car will end up with a yellow ribbon magnet or and "I LOVE MY..." sticker eventually.

9.) She will most likely need a pair of dogtags to hang from the rearview mirror.

10.) Every week she'll have "another song" that makes her think of you when you're away. (And she'll cry to it, even if you're in the same room.)

11.) If you're married she may know the base better than you do...Don't take it perosnally

12.) You will catch her comapring your relationship with "other couples" in the military.

13.) She'll make 5 million friends online, and talk to you about them all the time because her "old friends just don't understand" like they do.

14.) Don't be shocked when she just drops civilian chicks out of her life like flies. (She mostly does this when they complain to her.)

15.) DO NOT, if you love her, say anything about you not wanting to make her wait for you...

16.) Most women actually do LOVE it when you are sweaty and dirty. Even the girlie girls. It's sexy as hell.

17.) Only bring up the field once, say it clear, and don't bring it up again. We will remember the time, the dates, like stone inside our mind. Don't remind us.

18.) You ARE our hero. That isn't us being cute, it's us swelling with pride, feeling like a princess everytime we glance over and you're standing there. (Or seeing a pic of my case lol)

19.) Don't worry about waking her up when you get a chance to call, trust me, she's NOT sleeping. If she is, she's been waiting for you to call all night and fell asleep by the phone.

20.) Leave at least 3 of your shirts for her...she'll wear them all the time and if she doesn't wear them out she WILL wear them to sleep.

21.) No matter what she was like before, she is tough and harder than a rock now. She can handle anything, she will get through it, tears or no tears.

22.) Don't be discouraged or taken aback by her strength. It comes with the territory. When in your arms she's still your princess, soft and sweet.

23.) Your kids might see mommy as the one incharge for a while, it's okay they WILL respect you, just give it time.

24.) EVERYTHING in her life will be complicated, so she might actually need your support and encouragement.

25.) Tag Chasers are her WORST enemy, she CAN and WILL spot these girls...random profaine comments may come out of your little queen's mouth...its okay she's protecting her best

26.) She will spend hours to look good on cam&pics for you, this is just a past time until you get home, be prepared for messy ponytails and sweat pants when you finally do get home.

27.) Her favorite sentences from you start with "When I get home...."

28.) No matter how much she's changed, never forget that you mean the world to her, she loves you more than anything, and you will ALWAYS be her hero...whether you think you are one or not.

Thursday, April 8, 2010


Well and Mister broke back together...he got picked up by MP's...moved to 29 Palms in California...had a friend go AWOL...

Okay now to explain. His friend thought it'd be so much fun to text me when they were drunk and try to get me to cheat on him...And I failed the "test" so he was like "I'm breaking up with you." And of course I was like its all good now, although I'm not gonna lie, a little bit has changed in our relationship, and I don't know why. Well i guess I do, but still. He should not have had his friend do that, and he realizes this, and he's said he'll make up for it, so we shall see...

He got picked up by MP's because him and his friend got drunk, thrown out of a bar, into an argument with the cab driver, and then Mister threw up in the cab. So him and his friend got picked up, Mister got put on Admin Hold, and as far as I know his friend went AWOL. Good riddance is all I have to say. Because that joker was exactly that, a joker, not mature enough to be in the Marine Corps, and still wet behind the ears in training. He should have stuck around and taken his punishment like a man, they way my Marine did. :)

He moved to 29 Palms about two weeks ago today. I'm frankly numb. I can't believe he's so far away, and on top of that we can't really talk during the week, so there goes that communication. We talk a bit on the weekends, but the 4 hour time difference is making it so hard. Last Saturday, I waited all day for him to text ,and at about 6:30 finally texted him and he had just woken up, and I was like this is not gonna work...but of course didn't say it, because then he'd think I wanna break up with him, which I most definitely do not.

He always thinks I wanna break up with him for no reason and it breaks my heart that he would think that I'd give up on him just like that. When I say i love someone I darn well mean it and he needs to get that through his head, because come hell or high water we'll always be together if I have anything to say about it. And there isn't anything he can do in this world to change that. And maybe that makes me stupid, and too in love but its the truth. He could kill someone and i'd still love him...