Monday, April 26, 2010 of those days

Ugh so I woke up this morning and literally groaned...I finished my rough draft on my research paper for AP 11 so I've got that outta the way...but he assigned us 2 syntheses papers so I should probably be doin that instead of this but oh well, I never get my papers done in that class. In AP US History got a whole freakin power point to do, have to start notes on that because we get to teach the class on a whole chapter section thingy...its due the 29...OMG THATS THREE DAYS AWAY...piss...well damn. Guess there goes my life the next few days...I'll have to get it done by tomorrow because I have to work Wednesday night, so a whole day gets cut out of it.

Oh on top of all that crappy school work I won't get to talk to Mister til Thursday, because he's doin a field op from Monday-Wednesday :( Awe speakin of him, I got a call Saturday night at 3:30AM because "You haven't texted me today and I just wanted to talk to you". Have I mentioned that I love this kid? Lol. He was workin all day Saturday so of course I wasn't gonna bother him lol Silly Boy. Haha I was talkin to his mom the other day and she mentioned that he's been a hopeless romantic since he was 2 years old and I was thinking well Thank God one of us I tend to have very cynical views on relationships...unless it's my own. I'll sit there and offer you ALL KINDS of advice on your life but when it comes to mine I'll turn to everyone I know and ask them what I should do...No joke. Lol but oh well guess thats just anothe reason we're good for each other. He's always so sure. He's just like I love you so...and thats the end of the story for him. :)

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