Thursday, July 14, 2011

What's your song?

I love this song! It keeps playing over and over in my head, I can't get enough of it! It's just too darn catchy I guess. Anywho this is my first time linking up so..Im not qutie sure how to get the video in the movie screen format thingy so it's rough and just a linky :)

Well I've changed

I've had quite a few old friends say this to me lately, "Why are you changing?" One asked why I was turning into a super b**** lately, another asked why I treat people like crap, and another just asked why I'd changed...I didn't know that I had? If we haven 't talked in months and you're suddenly texting me asking why I'm turning into a super B I feel like there's a problem with that conversation...but honestly the more I've thought about it, I changed. And it didn't happen overnight like everyone seems to think it has, it's been happening for a while now.

My message? Yes, I have changed. I have gone from a girl who was unsure about herself and her life into a fairly independent semi-adult. I use the words semi and fairly because I'm not there yet. I still have a lot of living left to do. Maybe I've become a super B because my fiance was gone for six months and we got to talk a total of 8-10 times. Maybe I've changed because in the last year and almost 8 months I've been through more than I thought I was getting myself into, and it overwhelmed me. Maybe if you had stuck around and listenend more to what I had to say I wouldn't have gotten a facebook message from you wondering where our friendship went. I don't have time to be friends with people who are "sometimes" friends. My life is moving pretty fast, and I need to know that my friends aren't going to bail when it become inconvenient to them. And I think I've found those friends. So, yes. I have changed, get used to it.

Tuesday, July 12, 2011


Meet my Mr's heart

Should I be worried? She's too cute for me to worry though...I just wanna hug her :)

Okay, let's begin shall we?? I've been missing for a good few weeks now...and as much as I regret it I had a good reason!!! I like pictures so let's tell a story :) Do you have the hot cocoa? And the blanket? Alright just makin sure June 22- Got to go with Mr and his Mama and brother to pick him up from the air port :)

It stormed, quite a bit and we got lost on the way home... we got lost...but it was amazing to just have him home

I didn't see him the day afterwards, because he was doing boy things with his friends...but that Friday I picked him up...

Aaand we went camping :) With my family, including cousins and Dad's friend from work.

He never let those Oakleys go...even dove into the lake to find them :)

He fished quite a bit, I forgot how country he was...only sad boy beause he never caught 13 year old cousin as the only person to ever catch anything...everyday. Twice a day. Anywho

These are his sexy shoes, yes, they are pink and he posed for me :) He knows how to work it
He stole my camera and took pictures, but that's okay, cause I got black mail now ;)

And then sad day, we had to go back and I dropped him off that Sunday. :( Monday we had our first fight, and it was scary and I hated it...I cried and he got upset and it was all one big mess. But we got everything worked out and we talk now, so good things do come from bad.

We saw each other every now and then that week, and then that Friday the lovely boy came to campus with me!

He came to work with me and played on my laptop for a few hours...he was so sweet :) People at work loved him, of course how could they not? My dad works on campus too and we stopped by his office and my love is officially "Quite a handsome boy" :) Yeah well I knew that :)))

Before we went swimming with the amazing Hannah I made him take pictures with me, he hates pictures, but I got so many this time I think he's immune to them now! He told me this ^^^ is how they kiss on Cloudy With a Chance of Meatballs...I told him if he's not careful that could be our wedding kiss :D
More kisses :) I love his face in this one

He smiled for the pictures on my iPod but not the ones on his...pfft

That takes us to Saturday! The Saturday before he left :/

I got to meet his Didi (Grandmother), his Aunt and Uncle, and his heart aka baby cousin Princess. She's 3 and absolutely and utterly precious :) Seeing the two of them together was amazing, I never knew what he meant when he talked about her but now I do. They're precious together :)

On the way up there Mr and his brother decided they were going to make a redneck seat belt with bungee cords...I get a text from the front "Look at our web" Web?? Ohh...uhm nice babe...real nice

And then the last was time to get up to go to the airport, I cried...big time...we got to the airport just in time to drop him off and him run inside :'( Sad day...but now guess what???

I'm going to Vegas in November. We're going to see each other in 120 days :)) So he left July 6 and I'll see his face again November 10 just in time for the Marine Corps Ball :))