Friday, April 9, 2010

28 Things Military Men Should Know About Their Women

1.) If she wasn't emotional before, that is all about to change.

2.) You getting a higher rank could just mean an automatic free lay.

3.) Get her a pair of your dog tags, ASAP, this is crucial she will never take them off.

4.) Most of the time, you losing reception during training is your fault. (Though she will eventually understand.)

5.) Most of the time everything is your fault. (Especially if she's pregnant.)

6.) She WILL start talking like you and your guys talk, including using your last names.

7.) Her patriotism could out-do most of your men....she will be proud...VERY PROUD

8.) Be ready: your car will end up with a yellow ribbon magnet or and "I LOVE MY..." sticker eventually.

9.) She will most likely need a pair of dogtags to hang from the rearview mirror.

10.) Every week she'll have "another song" that makes her think of you when you're away. (And she'll cry to it, even if you're in the same room.)

11.) If you're married she may know the base better than you do...Don't take it perosnally

12.) You will catch her comapring your relationship with "other couples" in the military.

13.) She'll make 5 million friends online, and talk to you about them all the time because her "old friends just don't understand" like they do.

14.) Don't be shocked when she just drops civilian chicks out of her life like flies. (She mostly does this when they complain to her.)

15.) DO NOT, if you love her, say anything about you not wanting to make her wait for you...

16.) Most women actually do LOVE it when you are sweaty and dirty. Even the girlie girls. It's sexy as hell.

17.) Only bring up the field once, say it clear, and don't bring it up again. We will remember the time, the dates, like stone inside our mind. Don't remind us.

18.) You ARE our hero. That isn't us being cute, it's us swelling with pride, feeling like a princess everytime we glance over and you're standing there. (Or seeing a pic of my case lol)

19.) Don't worry about waking her up when you get a chance to call, trust me, she's NOT sleeping. If she is, she's been waiting for you to call all night and fell asleep by the phone.

20.) Leave at least 3 of your shirts for her...she'll wear them all the time and if she doesn't wear them out she WILL wear them to sleep.

21.) No matter what she was like before, she is tough and harder than a rock now. She can handle anything, she will get through it, tears or no tears.

22.) Don't be discouraged or taken aback by her strength. It comes with the territory. When in your arms she's still your princess, soft and sweet.

23.) Your kids might see mommy as the one incharge for a while, it's okay they WILL respect you, just give it time.

24.) EVERYTHING in her life will be complicated, so she might actually need your support and encouragement.

25.) Tag Chasers are her WORST enemy, she CAN and WILL spot these girls...random profaine comments may come out of your little queen's mouth...its okay she's protecting her best

26.) She will spend hours to look good on cam&pics for you, this is just a past time until you get home, be prepared for messy ponytails and sweat pants when you finally do get home.

27.) Her favorite sentences from you start with "When I get home...."

28.) No matter how much she's changed, never forget that you mean the world to her, she loves you more than anything, and you will ALWAYS be her hero...whether you think you are one or not.


  1. M.J. I love you and your webiste its awsome you really do love this guy and he is lucky to have you :) I also love 28 things militarty men should know about there women...there so funny and cute and im sure true lol...I love ya and keep up all your doin its great!


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