Friday, May 7, 2010

Greys Anatomy and Private Practice

Oh gosh...Grey's Anatomy last night was AMAZING!!!! Who knew Yang had feelings? I totally almost broke down when she started to cry about her dad, and when she just needed Owen to hold her, that was fantastic. I love episodes where people don't die! Super sad though, Callie and her gf broke up...because Callie wanted a baby. That made me super frusturated, I mean Callie wants a baby, but her gf was just like no, I don't want one :(

Private Practice has me biting my nails this season!!! At the end of last night's episode, when it showed Dell and Maya in that accident, I literally gasped. That one woman who was on there because she had a brain tumor got on my nerves. I mean, she was happy with the brain tumor, but when it came out she turned back into a witch. And she blamed her witchiness on the doctors. For real? I woulda told her to get over it and move on!!! But thats just the way I am...

I love these shows!! Army Wives is another definite favorite, just haven't blogged about it yet! Lol


  1. DAMN IT!!!! I totally wanted to watch Grey's last night!!!! I forgot!!

  2. It KILLED me when Yang cried, because she NEVER cries. I had to fight back tears myself!


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