Wednesday, May 12, 2010

I Want It Wednesday

I want a Cinnamon Melt from McDonalds. Whenever people order them at work they look SO GOOD and I'm always like *drool* Will that be all for you today? One time somebody went through drive through and they ordered ice cream on top of it, that looked good. Now that I'm hungry, I'm gonna go eat my crackers lol


  1. First of all: WOW! Cinnamon Melts are the shizzzz! Ice cream on top of it? Definitely gonna have to try it, and when you try one of those cinnamon melts, definitely let me know how you like them. man, they are so good! Now, my fatty self is all hungry. haha.

    Second of all: thanks for becoming a follower and reading my blogs; really. I appreciate it SO much.

  2. thanks for the love sweetie =) semper fi!


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