Wednesday, May 26, 2010

It's a Hard Job

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It's a Hard Job…

Being a Marines Girlfriend is a harder job then it looks.
Unlike other girls, we don't see our boyfriends every day… or every week for that matter.
Sometimes we go MONTHS with out seeing the man we love.
When other girls are upset because their boyfriend hasn't called today, we just think "You're lucky. You get to talk to him every day. I haven't talked to my Marine in almost a month."
When our friends talk to us about the date they had this weekend, we remember the last time we saw our boyfriend, as he was leaving to go fight for our freedom, and the sad, sweet kisses that we shared. Sometimes we feel like we don't have anyone we can really talk to about our fears and concerns… none of our friends have an inkling of what we're going through.
They think we're crazy because we put ourselves though the separation and anxiety of a deployment.
But we just look at them and don't say a word.
Because we know what it's like to be a part of something bigger…

We are the biggest supporters of the Marines, standing behind them
Even though we didn't go through the training to become a Marine, we are SEMPER FI, always faithful.
Our love for our Marine is what gets us through the day.
We live our lives every day, with a smile and a will to make it through.
At nights when we lay down in bed by ourselves, we think about our Marines, and know that, even though it feels like this separation is the hardest thing in the world, they are going through the same thing, thousands of miles away.
As much as we want to cry whenever we talk to them, we know that we have to be strong, for their sakes and ours, because they're doing the same thing for us.
And when we pray to God to keep him and his brothers safe, we also pray for the day when they get back, and for the day that we will be joined together, for the rest of our lives.
The days are long, and the nights even longer, but in the end its worth it.
In a matter of months, our men will be here, by our sides, and then we can start this life, our life together. And we will remain to the end SEMPER FI.
No questions asked.

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