Monday, May 10, 2010

Army Wives (Spoiler Alert!!)

So I just got done watching Army Wives from last night. I'm not gonna lie, that was a very heart warming episode. It just made me go from crying to laughing in seconds. I think I started crying about the part when the soldiers got R&R from Iraq and Iran and suprised their families on Mothers Day. I think I stopped at the end? I hope I'm like Claudia Joy when I grow up...she's just so smart, funny, pretty, and she has the perfect husband. Like for real, I want her life when I'm older. Lol. She's also pretty strong, her daughter died, and she got through it, and she's an inspiration. All women like her are. :) If ya'll havent done it yet, and I think the majority of ya'll have, you should check out this blog. This woman is so much stronger than I could ever even dream of being. I hope I never have to be that strong.


  1. Army Wifes is my favoriteee show, ever! :) I also watched it last night! It made me that much more excited to live on base with dyl! I hope the women there are half as great as the ones on the show!! :)

  2. I just wanted to say you're awesome, ha. What part of Knoxville are you from? :o We should hang out once I get home from college. I'm going to UTK next semester, blah... but if you're close it'd be cool!

  3. Haha I can be at UTK in like 20 minutes. I live really close. We should definitely get together!


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