Monday, May 24, 2010

Despite all of the bad...

There is alot of good in our relationship. We love each other for one, if I ever doubted that all I would have to do is text him and I'd know for sure how he felt. I've never doubted that so it's a non-issue. When we talk on the phone his voice can still make me smile so big my cheeks hurt, and when we text my heart still jumps a little when I see that it's from him. He always gets what I mean when I say something, even if I don't quite understand it myself. And I can still tell when we're talking on the phone and he starts to smile, because his voice changes, and he's just different. So despite all that bad, which we will get through because we're both stubborn enough to make it better, there is still good in our relationship, and that keeps me going.

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