Friday, May 21, 2010

Answers to Questions

From Shayla:

SO what do you see for your future? Do you want to have a career in something? How many kids? Where do you want to live? etc

How did you and your Marine meet?

For my future I hope I end upwith a family and kids. I want 4 kids at most, my ideal would be 3 boys and 1 girl, I've always wanted an older brother and I like the idea of having a little girl always protected by her older brothers. I know, its really romanticised, she'll probably hate me for it.

I want to be a Psychiatrist or a Pediatrician, or a Neonatologist. Idk yet, it all depends on what stage I'm at in my life at that point. I know I wanna help with people, and make a difference in somebody's life. And it all depends on what career will let me move around alot.

I sincerely hope that me and Mister will be together when I'm at the point where I'm moving out, so whereever the USMC takes us is where we'll live. As long as I have him, and a dog, I'll be happy :) My dream would be for us to get stationed in Japan, that's where Mom was when she served, and she always talks about how beautiful it was, and I really think that Mister would like it, he's got that adventerous spirit.

Me and Mister met when I was in 8th grade and he was a Sophomore, I had this scary obsessive crush on him, like I was in *love* with him. We started dating when I was a Freshman and he was a Junior, we dated for 9 months, and then broke up :( But we started talking this past summer and we wrote letters while he was in bootcamp from August to November of 09 and decided to try again, and so here we are! We broke up the first time because he moved and we never got to see each other, so I realize that it's kinda weird that we decided to get back together now, but I think we've both really grown up and needed the time apart from each other, because I'm realizing how much he's changed, and I think he's realizing the same about me. I hope so anyways!

Delainey said...
Summer is coming up, what are your plans? Maybe a trip to the good old CA to see the BF?!

OH girl do I wish!!! But unfortunately, not...I'm only 17 and my parents aren't quite ready for that yet...So my summer looks like 40 hours work weeks at McDonalds wishing I was in CA. And working out whenever I can because I'm tired of bein a fat ass! Lol

Well thanks for the questions ladies!


  1. Its good you have these plans of what you want to do and where you want to be even being so young. Usually having plans is a great foundation for making things happen!

  2. I never worked full time while in high school!

    If you save your money you will be way ahead of the crowd come college time!

    okay haha so i asked on a later post why 10 yrs of school but I got it now LOL

    BUT I do want to point out that becoming a doctor while being married to an AD marine will be seriously tough!!!! transferring college credit is a HEADACHE plus PCS, planning a wedding, having SO tough!


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