Thursday, May 6, 2010

Field Day!!!!

So inspiration is gone right now, so this may be a tad bit rambly!!! So I'm sitting here listening to a fellow freshman mentor ramble about golf...this is sad...on the upside, today's field day, which means I may get to talk to Mister, which means that no matter how shitty this day is its about to get 10X better!!!!! I haven't talked to him since Saturday morning, and it was like a 5 text convo. Really though, I'm excited. I now look forward to weekends, and Thursdays. Wait...I just realized that McDonalds OWNS me this weekend...When I say owns I mean 700-1500 both days, saturday and sunday...Well I'm dreading the weekend.
Got my first paycheck yesterday, made a grand total of....$33!! Turns out I only got one day in beore the pay period ended on the 30th :( Oh well, I'll have tons of money on the next check, which I get the 20th.

Ugh gotta go corral my freshman, I swear this kid is worse than a 2 year old on crack!!!!

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  1. Super jealous! I love field days, but mine is well... In the field this week, and the past two weeks, and the next week... Oh the joys of pre-deployment work ups!


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