Friday, May 28, 2010

Day 3 My Favorite Television Program

Uhm...*eyes glaze over in thought* Well since there's new seasons of different shows all the time, during the school year I like Greys Anatomy and Private Practice, sidenote- DUDE the season finale of Greys had me about to pee my pants!! And during summer, only the BEST SHOW EVER Army Wives!!!! That show can always keep my interest, I'm pretty sure that my favorite character changes every episode...did ya'll watch it this past Sunday? Poor Roxy, she lost her baby! I started crying...I'm way too into this show, lol. I'm about to go to Charleston when they're filming and be the crazed fan who wants the autograph of the guy who plays Pamela's husband, he is seriously HOT...Roxy's man is too...See that's a good show: It's got good story lines, and some serious eye candy :)

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  1. I was crying my eyes out when I watched the season finale of Gray's Anatomy. It was just so much suspense. I knew that they wouldn't kill off the main characters, but I'm surprised about the other 2 the killed off. They were a little lame. And I felt bad that Meredith lost the baby. :( Anywho...I'm just getting into Army Wives and so far, it's a favorite show, also. I love it!!!


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