Sunday, May 16, 2010

Falalala feet hurt, I feel like a greasy french fry, but I made money today! And got to drive by myself!!! I didn't wreck!! Yay!!! Haha I felt so cool drivin by myself, I'm such a nerd. It's gonna feel great when I get my checks cashed, and have my own money and stuff.

So I went to bed last night at 10, Mister said he would call but I was just TOO TIRED, and I rolled over at 11:38, and woke up. I picked up my phone to see if Ariel or Tayler texted me back and lo and behold, it started vibrating! Mister called! How is it that this always happens? I always wake up like 30 seconds before he calls. I swear we have telepathy with each other! We talked for a few minutes, but he did the whole you have to be at work early, get some sleep, we can talk tomorrow thing. So I was like okay. And we talked for like 6 more minutes, lol. We're both too stubborn for our own goods. :)


  1. hahaha. I didn't start driving by myself until I started college. Dude, I felt so fricken awesome driving by myself. I felt like a BAMF.

    Anywho, Jospeh and I used to do weird crap like that. I know of 4 times that I've picked up the phone to call him and he's been on the line when I picked it up, because he was calling at the same time I was getting ready to call him. hahaha. (Yes, we ARE too much alike, girl).

  2. im with chelsey!! I didn't even get my lisence until the month before my first semester!

    The Coastie and I call each other at the same time and then we both get sent straight to voicemail- like Pam and Jim on the Office LOL

    maybe it's just a "love" thing :)


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