Sunday, July 18, 2010

Your Arms Feel Like Home- to the Mister :]

I think i've walked too close to love
And now i'm falling in
Theres so many things this weary soul can't take
Maybe you just caught me by surprise
The first time that i looked into your eyes
You really did suprise me when we first got back together. I thought I had just said yes to what we had before, but now I know differently. We are SO different from before...we're much stronger in our feelings that it makes what we had before (what we thought was serious) seem so childish. :)

There's a life inside of me
That i can feel again
It's the only thing that takes me
Where i've never been
I don't care if i lost everything that i have known
It don't matter where i lay my head tonight
Your arms feel like home
Feel like home

I feel happy when I think of you (most of the time...silly boy :) ) and I feel even happier when I think of what our future has in store for us. If you decide to stay in and become a lifer then that's your decision and I will support you 100%. It doesn't matter where this life takes us, as long as I can lay down in your arms when I go to sleep at night (eventually..after school and junk) I'm home.

This life aint the fairy tale we both thought it would be
But i can see your smiling face as it's staring back at me
I know we both see these changes now

Well we aren't perfect that's for sure. We've had our share of troubles this time around. We've both made some pretty stupid decisions. the end we've always made the right ones to fix it all. You smile, it's infectious. It makes me want to grin right back, even when I'm horribly mad at you. When you're not here and I get aggravated for some reason your smile just pops into my head and it all just melts away. We've both realized that there are changes that have happened in each other, and I can't wait to explore those in you.

I can't wait til you come home and I can run into your arms and never let go!


  1. how sweet!

    you should share this with him!!!!

    I bet he would love it :)

  2. LOVE! <3 :) Nothing else needs be said!


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