Sunday, July 25, 2010

Today at work...

So I haven't done a post about work in a while...because frankly its draining to rehash it, but I just had to share about today.

Today at work, a new phrase was invented to talk about people who work at mcdonalds. FT. FT stands for F*** Tard. Thank you Ashley my manager. That just makes us feel so much better about ourselves. Because we didn't already feel like losers since we work at MCDONALDS. *** really i think this is brilliant, I just hate that I'm an FT.

Today at work, we had a steady stream of people from 1230- well idk I left at 430 and it was still strong. I was supposed to be off at 4. Such is life at McDonalds. At least I earned back what I lost for taking a break.

Today at work, the milkshake machine spat at us. Literally it urped on us. And all of the vanilla was yellow. Not WHITE like its supposed to be, but YELLOW. And not a pretty yellow, it was a pee yellow. It wasn't because it was bad, it was because it let too much vanilla flavoring into the line and lets just say it was concentrated.

Today at work I worked front line. Which is where you take the money from people who walk in. Thats all I did. I took money. Smiled. Said good bye. Said good bye again when people stood there and stared at me for not getting their food. Yelled "Can I help anyone???" When nobody moved. And let me tell you, no body moved.

So this was my sucked. But now I'm going to try to forget about it and move on. Try.


  1. Man, I've worked at some pretty unglamorous places before (I worked in a cafeteria for 4 years in college) where I have permanent marks to prove I was there. Oh well, don't listen to her. She's a fucktard for thinking up something stupid like that. And how is she going to call you guys that when she is a MANAGER at McDonalds? At least you have ambitions and goals. What is she going to do? Be a manager at McDonalds for 20 years and become morbidly obese. I think that's what will happen. I hope that makes you feel better! =)

  2. It's terrible that your manager said that. You don't deserve that. I've worked in restaurants before too and it takes a lot more skill than people give you credit for. Plus it's a means to an end. Hold your head up girl! And don't let that awful manager get you down.

  3. Yikes missy! working there is no walk in the park, I have worked at a fast food place before too, its hard work. Keep it up girl!

  4. @Carmen- Oh man, you got burned didn't you? That sucks!!! Hahahaha that's probably what WILL happen, thanks :)

    @Star Spangled- Thanks! You're right, I just need to let it go and move on, she's just one person


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