Tuesday, July 6, 2010

64 followers...and 5 comments??

Really? Lol who are all of you??? OMG were you the 1 hiding under the bushes?? Lol really though, how do I have that many followers and at most 5 comments a post? Am I that boring???

But onto a serious subject, I'm having a really hard time wanting to work in this relationship. I love him more than words can say but its hard. Like he had a 96 this weekend and I didn't talk to him. At all. Not that I didn't try mind you. I just feel like he's getting more and more caught up in his life in California and I'm becoming less and less a part of it. Idk, have any of ya'll ever felt this way?


  1. I have the same problem with comments and followers. I'm following almost 60 blogs and I only have 47 followers. What!? haha

    I totally felt that way this past weekend. TOTALLY. I was irritated. Sometimes you have to stop chasing them around and let them chase you. After a while they will realize you haven't tried to call or text them. I did that to Mr. M and didn't call him or text him at all this entire weekend and he said he missed me so much and that he would make every effort to talk to me more. Sometimes you have to play dirty ;)

    I hope he turns around soon! Nothing feels worse than feeling like his friends/life in Cali is more important. If you ever need to chat, let me know. =)

  2. It takes two people to make a relationship work. Long distance relationships are even more difficult and he needs to put in the effort to talk to you. I really hope you're able to talk to him and tell him how you're feeling.

  3. i agree with carmen let him chase after you for awhile. hope things get better.

  4. Can I just tell you I feel the same way sometimes and I live 45 minutes from Teedle. It's all about finding the perfect balance between each others lives. Talk to him about it. I recently talked to Teedle about it this weekend and he promised to put more of an "effort" into our relationship so it wasn't so one sided. Talking always helps, voice your opinions!

  5. I have 51 followers, and about 10 that regularly leave comments. Sometimes I guess my posts can get missed if someone is following too many others? I don't hold it against anyone, but I don't follow anyone unless I'm going to read. I comment when I have something insightful, or that I feel is insightful, to add.

    Sorry about the weekend! Guys don't think like we do... It must be super hard to be apart, but you're just a girl [and I mean that in the best way! I was once too!] and this too shall pass and one day, you will not remember that July 4th weekend where he didn't call.

  6. I am so sorry girl :(

    Maybe he is just trying to get used to Cali life and is not even realizing that he's doing it!!!

  7. Ha ha I feel ya! Try to talk to your man. Make him see how you're feeling!

  8. I know the feeling as well about followers lol!

    And i agree with Carmen. Long distance is hard and I'm really sorry. I hope you can talk to him soon ((hugs))


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