Friday, July 16, 2010

My Favorite Summer Memory

So I goofed and forgot to include this in my initial entry for Confessions of a Sailor's Wife giveaway....ooops...

My Favorite Summer Memory...

is Big Ridge State Park. This place will always be one of my most cherished memories, simply for the fact that it's where I had the most fun in my first 10 years. I would get out of school on Friday and meet up with my Aunt Melissa that night and would spend entire weekends on the lake with her. I can remember feeling so special because she was the head lifeguard for the park, and I thought that was the most awesoem thing EVER. :D

During summer I would spend weeks with her, and basically lived with her for a while. My older cousins Elissa and Chris would actually hang out with me and it was so much fun. Just getting to spend so much time with that side of my family always made my day. I can remember hanging out in the guard shack with my cousins and the older lifeguards, and let me tell you, I felt like the coolest kid ever. I can remember being like 5 and one of the lifeguards would always go down to the water and play with me before the park opened to the public and he would throw me around in the water and it was so much fun...I hate it now but I can't remember his name. I just remember that I wished I had an older brother that was like him! :D

Now that everybody's older, and we've all got out own things going on, we don't get a chance to get together like that. Big Ridge was shut down as a state park about 6 years ago. It's still open to the public but its not the same, the lifeguards aren't there, and its just...not Big Ridge. It's not the same lol.

I know that even when I'm old and can't feed myself I'll always have those memories and they'll always bring me happiness.


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