Saturday, July 31, 2010

45 Days

He's leaving for 45 days for some training. 45 days. That's the longest we've gone without talking to each other. I think I'm going to go crazy. I know it's nothing next to deployments some have gone through. But this is the longest we've gone without talking since...well since we were broken up to be honest. Even in bootcamp there were letters. Now there's...nothing. Dead air for 45 days. No more "Goodnight I love you" or "lol" conversations. I'll even miss little arguments. How sad is that? I was going to send him a care package but we're leaving Monday to go on vacation so there's no time for me to get one done, and actually have it look good and be homemade. I'm not gonna send him some store bought I'm gonna spend 45 days on this carepackage, I've already got some ideas cooking up.
I'm thinking about 45 days while you were gone, maybe like daily pics of what goes on while he's gone? I mean, he's gonna miss so much. (Does anybody else notice the irony? He's gonna miss my first an21st.d last day of school) And I have a feeling so much is gonna happen.I will be HIGHLY upset with the USMC if they keep him longer. Which knowing them they probably will. Sad though because I want his carepackage to be waiting on him when he gets back, kind of like a welcome back kind of thing. Idk, ya'll have done em more than I have, do you have any ideas I could use? I want it to be good, especially for my first one to him.
On a different note, I've had people asking how we are, and I realize I haven't done a post about him in a while...oops lol. We're good, he's good. He forgets to text and call back, he gets busy, we fight, BUT at the end of the day we're good. I have to realize that things aren't always his fault, and he can't help some things. As long as I hear I love you at the end of the day I'm good.
I have to admit, I pulled a bitch move yesterday. He called and I missed it and tried to call him back and he texted me saying hold on I'm in chow don't try yet and I said Lol wasn't gonna. that was just mean. When you know you were Kinda makes it sound like I don't wanna talk to him, which is completely untrue. I kicked myself for missing that call...and it was just weird for the rest of the day. Wonder what today will bring...gotta go pack and stuff


  1. why can't you speak to him while hes gone?

  2. He's not allowed to take his phone into the field with him, his CO is strict about that.

  3. What training is he doing? Most of the time they have at least some liberty time.

    For Ideas on care packages check out my deployment survival page, I have quite a few pictures of care packages.

  4. TJ brought his phone when he went to Mojave Viper and ended up being able to use it. In any event, home baked goodies are always good for care packages (cookies, rice crispies treats, brownies) Pictures (I carried a sign every where I went when TJ was deployed that said "wish you were here" and sent him those photos.. among others..)Crafts, sounds goofy but I made hand turkeys for thanksgiving, Christmas trees for Christmas, Valentines for valentines day etc. I also sent books, magazines and CD's.

    I am sure whatever you send he will love!

  5. Delainey, The wish you were here sign is such a cute idea!

    As for Mojave Viper I dont know much about it, I wasnt with my husband when he went through it (if he did I dont know) but I did just do some research on it, sounds like its meant to simulate deployment, which means he probably will have little to no liberty time. But there is always a chance they would get phone time, my husband always takes his phone with him regardless of what they tell him.

  6. I love the sign idea!!! That sounds amazing.

    And K- really? I hope so!! I'm gonna tell him to take his just in case, thanks so much! You're awesome :)


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