Monday, July 12, 2010

Army Wives (Spoiler Alert!!)

AAHHH!! NOOOO!!! Frank can't be deployed, Denise is about to have a baby! In a freakin month! AND Emmaline needs her dad at home to help her recover, so that means that Michael needs to stay home. ARGH. But last nights episode was amazing and I'm so gonna cry next week :(


  1. I agree, but such is true of military life, Im glad the deal with issues that us real military wives deal with. I am pretty convinced though that not everyone will return for this deployment. Not entirely sure who they are going ot kill off but I have a strong suspicion it will be Jeremy

  2. me tooo! this made me so sad at the end :( the whole episode was going great until that! i was on the phone with Dyl and almost started crying! lol im a baby!
    but yes-- me and you will both cry next week! its gonna be sad :/
    i think Frank is the cutest/ sweetest hubby ever!


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