Friday, July 23, 2010

Fawk You Friday

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So this is fun to do!! It's a little end of the week vent, link up thing so yay!!!!

Fawk you to money problems...if I could take it all away for you Mama I would!

Fawk you heart disease...I miss you so much sometimes Papaw!

Fawk you work. Really, first you take over my life and then you give me no hours, really, MAKE UP YOUR MIND!

Fawk you gas...I have an 1/8 of a tank...and need more....

Fawk you old friendships, I think good riddance is the word here really!!!

Fawk you deployments...I hate thinking about you, because you're soon to take over my life...

Fawk you lady who came into work and got mad because I didn't jump to attention to take your order, you need some happy pills lady!


  1. My Mom has heart disease...just diagnosed at I so relate to you...a HUGE Fawk you to it!!

    Thanks for linking up gorgeous!

  2. My mama has heart problems and I'm really praying it doesn't lead to heart disease so I totally feel ya on that one. I hate money. Super bogus.

    No need to think of deployments if they haven't written anything on paper lovely. Everything will work itself out. =)

  3. This is fun:) Sometimes we just need to vent! I totally agree with the gas, I feel like my car is ALWAYS on E!


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