Wednesday, June 16, 2010

My First Give Away!

So now that I've reached 50 followers I figured why not do a give away? So the rules for my giveaway:

Leave me a comment link to a blogpost describing the most embarassing thing that's ever happened to you (that you would be comfortable sharing with others of course!) And in two weeks after I've read everyones stories I'll announce a winner!

The prize will be a $25 McDonalds giftcard (I work there, so I figure why not?)

I look forward to hearing your stories, and this will become a montly thing, with a new contest every month. I hope ya'll enter :)


  1. Hey lady! So since I have my blog and I decide who wins what I LOVED your how you keep the love going and You win the DVD of Dear John! : D

    Send me an email with your full name and address and I'll send it over to the people who send the DVD out. :D

    Congrats and GREAT giveaway! : D

  2. Fun! Congrats on the 50 followers! My post is at

  3. I saw you over at Random Rambling of a Military Wife! Here's my most recent embarassing story: It took place at the base pizza parlor. My hubs stopped to say something to a shipmate; I kept walking. I asked who it was once inside and he informed me it was the XO of the ship. My husband being an officer I found it completely inappropriate to not stop with him. We got our pizza and sat down.

    I kept going on and on about how I should have said hello also, and how rude of me, and how I was going to apologize at the next all officer's meeting. I kept calling the XO by cute little nicknames I had given him... and he was sitting right next to us. A few days later I was VERY red faced at the meeting hoping he would not talk to me.

    OPEN MOUTH INSERT FOOT! My poor hubster... I'll learn one day to be the good quite wife.

  4. Once in high school I was whipping out of a parking lot VERY fast and in reverse and I ended up hoping a curb a running over the stop sign. Not just hitting it, but full on knocking it to the ground and running it over. The best part? The parking lot was filled with people!

  5. my funny post is here.

  6. I don't have anything embarassing to share (don't you hate when people say that?), but I would love to enter your giveaway.

    Thanks for stopping by my blog. You and your marine are a beautiful couple!

  7. I've been meaning to do this for so long but I finally did it. Here's my entry:


Yay! I love reading what you have to say :)