Wednesday, June 23, 2010

I Heart Your Blog

Jessikuh at Jessikuh Gave me the I heart your blog award! Thanks Jessikuh! :) So the rules are tell two things you heart and then give it to five blogs that you heart.

1. I heart babies. Like so many people can't stand them, but I can't get enough of babies! They're just too precious, and I think they're just adorable. It helps that they like me back, lol. One Mother's Day I was playing with one and it wouldn't go back to it's own mother...oops...but I digress. Babies and kids in general, I think that these little people are just so special, and I can't wait til I have some of my own. (Well I can, I mean I'm not gonna be on 17 and Pregnant, lol)
2. I heart animals (especially Clifford!)! They love you no matter what, and they are truly love in its truest form. No matter what you say or do animals are there for you no matter what. All they want in return is a little love and a rub now and then.
3. This one is really cliche but had to add it in. I heart my boyfriend! I think the part I love most about him is that he's not perfect. He makes mistakes, lies (for my benefit...?), he's OVERLY loud, eats too fast (damn USMC only givin em 15 min lol), gets tired all the time (again thanks USMC), and so many other things but then again I do the same things. We're perfectly unperfect together. Maybe that makes us perfect? :)
4. I heart my family. They may get on my nerves (you need a bf whos at home, you need to go out on dates, etc) but they have my best interests at heart and I love em.
5. I heart blogging...Like for real i love just typing out what I can't say out loud, and I love the comments and responses I get from it. I love the people I've met, truly amazing, strong women who I look to for guidance :)
Give it to 5 Blogs that I heart:
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  1. Congrats on your award! =)

  2. Thank you so much! I'll blog about it soon! :)

  3. I heart babies tooo...that would be my number one as well. Hope you had a terrific day -:)

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