Monday, June 14, 2010

Camping trip review one word it was HOT. We left to come home today, and man I swear it was 80 when we woke up at 9 this morning! But it was fun, the people dad invited from work were funny, and one of em brought a girl up, so that was interesting! We asked if she was his gf and he got all uncomfy and was like And we were like Riiiiight...And he walked away and got another beer, lol. We stayed up there from Thursday til today, we were supposed to leave Sunday but then decided to stay an extra night, so we did.

I was the only one who didn't get sunburnt!! SCORE!! I ususally get so bad burnt on my back and shoulders, and this time I didn't!

I left Friday afternoon to take the ACT on Saturday, and went back up on Saturday afternoon with Ashley, first time she rode with me! I was nervous, but excited, the only other ppl who have ridden with me are parents so that was an experience! She stayed til Sunday and her parents came to get her. So it was just family last night since everybody else left Sunday too. It was nice, we spent time together for the first time in a while.

Well that's all I can think to say!


  1. how was the ACT???

    yay for nooo sunburns--those are the worst- ESPECIALLY while you're camping!!!

  2. It went good I guess, I'm nervous about the math and science, that's what I really need to improve in, my math was a 19 last time and my science wasn't much better, but my reading and english was a 30 and a 33? Lol I just suck at math and science I guess!

  3. I'm glad one of us is driving, haha! I'm in Fountain City. :]] We need to exchange numbers/facebooks or something. Email me:


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