Thursday, June 17, 2010

I won!!

I won the giveaway for the Dear John DVD from Brandi at
Yay!! Thanks so much Brandi!

So Matt called last night. There's a chance that he could get sent to Afghanistan to replace a battery that's over there already. He also told me he was a man ho. Fantastic right?


  1. YAY for the DVD!!!!

    uhh...what did he mean by man ho???

    I'm glad you finally got a call!!!

  2. As in before we got back together in November apparently he slept around? Why he would tell me this I will never EVER know.

  3. Who knows why guys do or say anything? Sometimes, they are complete idiots....and then they are wonderful, caring and teddy bears. That comment falls into the complete idiot category, but then again I don't know the context of the conversation. Matthew is so random at times it's aggravating to follow.

  4. Right? He def is. Heck idk the context of the convo either, we were just havin a normal convo. And it was completely random. I called your son a man ho, I hope you don't mind :)


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