Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Day 12 Whatever Tickles My Fancy

Oh dang I'm so behind on this! I should be on Day 20 by now!! Oh well, at least I picked it back up. So I've been wanting to dye my hair again, it was medium auburn, but that faded really fast and now my roots are growing in. So I don't know what to do!! I don't know what color to go to next or anything. I'm thinking something close to my natural color, which is light to medium brown, but that hardly ever works out for some people so I just don't know.

Anywhoosles I still haven't talked to Mister but I sent him a letter Wednesday, and I'm hoping for a reply sometime soon. It took the last letter I sent 4 days, and I mailed it on a Sunday so maybe 3? Idk I'm clueless about that stuff. Clueless about care packages too, but I'm doin my best to get one together :) Does somebody that's not deployed need a care package? Regardless, I'm sendin one :) That's right, I'm a rebel! Lol jk that was dorky


  1. Oh hunny I hope you get in touch with him soon. Being unable to reach your love is the worst thing ever. As far as hair goes, I have done every color EVER. You'll look gorgeous no matter what you choose!

  2. I want to dye my hair auburn!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    since he's not deployed just send a little package of his favorite things...snacks, a movie,candy, etc

  3. Awww dear, I know how that feels. Make sure you send care packages. My husband is in training and I sent two already. It really helps!!!

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