Thursday, June 17, 2010

Mortality Week Question 1:

One week left to live, where would you go?

You can chose to have an unlimited amount of money, or you can chose to abide by how much is in your account at the moment.

I would probably stay home to be honest. My family, friends, everyone is right here. Why would I need to leave? Well, one person is missing. But if I have only a week left to live I would hope that he would be able to come home to see me?

I would go camping with my parents and sister for a few days, then come home and have a huge sleepover with friends (so 3rd grade right?)

Although if Mister were there it would go differently...he'd be there for everything of course. I would want to spend time with the ladies I've met on here who live close by, just to say hey lol.

What would ya'll do?

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  1. :D I think that's a perfect plan! ; D I used to think I'd travel somewhere else but I realize the things I want are just right here. : D


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