Thursday, June 24, 2010

MW Week Question2

Here is your chance to leave something behind for the people you care about. What would you tell the people in your life?

Every fear, any advice, what do you want the people who you care about to know if the end of your time was today?
Ya'll should do it!!! Brandi is hosting it, JOIN!! Lol pushy MJ is done now
Oh man this is a hard one. Hmm how about a list?
I really admire and look up to you. You are the strongest woman I know and I feel blessed to be your child. Like for real, some of the stuff you've been through would have killed a lesser person, literally. From a HORRIBLE child hood with alcoholic parents to a douche of a guy who got you pregnant when you were in the Marines, to now, you're my hero. Above everyone else. Just remember that I love you, and the magic word with our family is NO. There is no better mother than you.
I'm so glad that you and mom met when I was 2! You're the best dad that a girl could have, whether or not you're my *biological* dad. That doesn't matter. A father is the man who sticks around, not the one who leaves. Just remember that I'll always be your little girl.
Miss Brooke- My baby sister!! What more can I say? I was 7 when you were born, and you'll always be the baby. You're 10 now and I just realized that you come up to my shoulders, how sad is that? AND you're short for her age. 0.o I want you to remember to ALWAYS BE YOU. You don't have to be anyone that you don't want to be. Always believe in fairies and mermaids, I know that you'll find them someday. KEEP SINGING.
My Marine-
I would want you to know that...I LOVE YOU. Being with you is the hardest, most AGGRAVATING, most REWARDING decision I have ever made. Ever. I don't care that we argue a lot, if we didn't I would worry. You worry about me when I should be the one worrying about you, silly boy. You've made my life better, worse, got me in trouble, made me so happy I could burst, and have been my best friend. For the past almost 3 years you've been in my life, whether a central role or not, and I am blessed to have found you.
I would love to have been the one you wake up beside every morning before you leave for PT, I would even make the coffee, that you don't drink, but still. I would love to be the one to have hyper babies who break out of their cribs. Babies just like you. But I hope you find happiness with someone who deserves you, don't settle like I know you've done in the past. You don't have to have a girlfriend to be complete. You need a real love, and I hope you find one later on. Mandatory year and a half grieving period though :)
Don't forget me, I mean don't be super obesessed, but don't forget my randomness. Don't forget my clutsiness, okay forget that. Don't forget the way we were. We were awesome. Find somebody that makes you excited to be you. Don't be with someone who wants you to change. If she wants you out of the Marines tell her to fuck off, you're opinionated enough ;).
On the subject of the Marines. I hope you stick with it. I can tell that you really love it, and I know you get homesick, but you're fulfilling your lifelong dream. If you wanna reenlist don't listen to anybody but yourself. Be you. Don't ever change. Have a Good Summer, okay just kiddin, just seein if you're still listenin :)
I love you more than life and beyond.
It's okay, Gingers do have souls :) You're proof of that. You've been my best friend for YEARS. Don't party too hard okay? And trust me, you'll find somebody, you're awesome, how could you not? And you'll have little Ginger babies with him, yes your redheadedness is THAT overpowering. :) Have a good life, and surround yourself with people that will help you, not keep you out and get you in trouble. *Katy* I love ya kid
It's okay that you told Channing. I did tell you that I buried your phone number :) I was never really mad about that. You're an awesome friend and I hope that stuff with R works out. You deserve it, definitely. I love ya bud


  1. Marissa before I read this ... don't you dare change a thing! Lol It's suppose to be what YOU want to say. : )

  2. :D THAT is perfect. Your Mom sounds just as wonderful as my Mom. I love moms, seriously. : D

    Your Dad sounds wonderful too, I'm so glad you had a father who loved you no matter what.


  3. Awwww I loved this! I need to get on it and do mine! =)

  4. this is sweet...and kinda sad! I've thought about writing letters to my loved ones if something would ever happen to me...but it's too sad!

  5. Oh trust me, I cried like a baby the whole time I wrote this took me almost an hour.


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