Friday, August 12, 2011

Synopsis of a Summer- part 1

Good Lord this summer has been...dramatic to say the least. Can I first say, how absolutely GLAD I am not to be in high school anymore? I can? Okay good because I am! I am so happy I'm not in high school with little girls who like to start drama. But to tell that story I have to start at the beginning. Of the summer that is.

May 31- MOVE IN DAY!!! Fun times fun times :)) NOT. First, housing lost the list of names for the program that I'm in, so we had to be manually put into the system. As if that's not annoying enough, we randomly got stuck with people. Wouldn't it just be my luck if I got put with the girl that I had two years ago, the one that we both dislike each other? Yeah that was my thought right before this "Okay so she will be in room *** with MJ? Alright thanks!" Yeah. My life right?

***Side note***I felt seriously sorry for the hall director, this one girl was getting all upset and huffing everywhere like a horse and hitting her hand on the desk like a princess, and this woman just went with it. Bless you Hall Director.

Anywho, we went up to the room, my mom helped me move in :)) Yeah, my mother's amazing, I know :) My roomie hid out in her horsey friends room the whole time I was unpacking and only came back when I was gone, mature right?

***Side note #2*** I am not going to be very objective about Horse Friend or Roomie in this post

So. For about a day and a half we just studiously ignored one another and went about our lives. Until the day of Orientation. June 1st. This little witchy Roomie kept turning the A/C off when I was out of the room because "she gets cold" easily. Bull snot. She knows I get hot easily and wanted to make it miserable for me. Well in order to do this on this particular instance she decided to move my things off of the A/C to get to it. WHOA BACK UP. Touching my things?? When I'm not even in the room??? Who died and made her room mother? So I confronted her about that. She tried to play it off as me being childish, I said "No, it's not childish to want my things left alone in my own room. If this happens again I'm going to someone about it."

Fast forward about a week. We get called into a meeting with the program director. I'm terrified we're going to get kicked out of the program, because we just dislike each other so much, it's fairly obvious. She tells us we need to work it out and it's not healthy for the group to be put under stress by us. To which I completely agreed. I had had enough of the childish high school BS. So Roomie and I talked it out and I thought we were cool.


Little did I or anyone else know, she had been running to her mommy every night and talking about how threatened she felt by me, and so on and so forth. My first clue should have been how she treated Mr when he was home. As if he weren't there, in the room with us. I mean I just passed it off as rude. But apparently that threatened her and all of this other bunk. Whatever, she switched rooms and it's just whatever at that point. That brings us all the way through mid July, yes this is how long this drama played out, pathetic I know.

She starts packing her things one day, and just completely leaves, doesn't tell anyone the full story or anything. I'm called to the program director's office two days later and she is FURIOUS. Not with me, with Roomie. Roomie pulled some shady bunk and withdrew from the University, without telling anyone. That's not good, like at all. And as much as I *despise* dislike this girl I hate that she essentially screwed herself over. And I have to say, my parents were completely on the money about her personality, have been for the past 3 years, and the director even supported their views, sometimes word for word said what my parents had.

So she left, for good. Left the program in a mess, left the director in trouble (which really pisses me off but that's a different story), and as the final topper, decides two weeks later to try and start stuff with me. She, Horse Friend, and their friend Nympho *(I love my nicknames for these people)* told a really good friend that I had been talking about her behind her back. Which I hadn't, and when friend texted me like wtf I was like "Oh HECK NO" and...I feel this post is long enough, part 2 coming soon

ps how would you have handled the situations?


  1. I had a horrible roommate my freshman year too. We were BFF's at first but then she turned into bitch mode but whatever. We lived together the whole year in awkwardness but I didn't care. After that year, she transferred back to her home state. I wouldn't even let someone like that bother you. She's not worth it to think about or get hyped up about, you know? Keep looking forward :)


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