Tuesday, August 9, 2011

Isn't it ironic?

He thinks I'm the strongest girl in the world. He doesn't think twice about asking me to be strong for both of us, because he just doesn't know. He tells me that it's so hard for him to be away, and yes, I can understand that. But he doesn't understand that it's hard for me too.
I had a friend tell me today that she doesn't think she could ever handle being with someone in the military.
"You miss him all of the time, and you cry. I don't think I could do that MJ. You almost cried last night when you got to see him on Skype, I'm surprised you didn't."
I'm surprised I didn't too. I wanted to. His friend called me on Skype and Mr was in the room with him and I was like it's my baby!!! I got so happy, and I started to shake and everything. I know that most of y'all know what I mean when I talk about this. It's just so hard to be strong for two people :/

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