Monday, August 29, 2011

Part 2

Alright, so after my friend texts me telling me what's going on I send them  a group text saying that we're all adults and the way to handle a situation like this isnt to talk behind other people's backs but to talk face to face. Horse texted back and said that she'd come beat my A** if she had the gas...I mean I'd like to see her try but I'd rather not go to jail. Please and thanks. And somehow we ended up on the subject of her boyfriend and how she needs to go get pregnant by him...*sigh* not my proudest moment. BUT she did post on Facebook immediately afterwards "I may get pregnant by my loser boyfriend but at least my boyfriend doesn't whore around on me Mary Jo Petters!!" Wow, okay, first, REALLY MATURE. Secondly, she spelled my last name wrong -.- Thirdly, I think it's funny that she was so insecure about her relationship with him that she tried to say Mr whores around. He just laughed and said "She doesn't know me then." It cracked me up, and my reply post was
 "SO I'm not naming any names, but for the record, my FIANCE not BOYFRIEND does NOT whore around behind my back. I'm sorry if my relationship offends you because it's not with a guy I'm constantly in fear of getting pregnant with. I don't know where you got your facts wrong, but before you call me out make sure you get my last name right, it's PETERS not PETTERS. Pfft silly little girl." And my Second reply was, "Before you talk about how he whores around talk to his mama (Lori Robinson) about how she raised him, and then talk to his brother (Djizzle Davis) about how he's an example of fidelity, and then talk to him, you know, my fiance, Matthew about your opinions about him. You are NOT bringing lies into this argument."

I know, I had two replies...But what his mama said really made me feel better,

"Yes, it would tear both him and DJ apart to cheat. I taught them both, that "you have to live with the choices you make in this life, can you get up every morning and look yourself in the face, and say I like the person I am today and the choices I have made that got me here?" I know he would never cheat on you, I remember what it was like when he thought he lost you forever (my fault, and I can never apologize enough) I remember his depression, his tears, his heartbreak, I know he never wants to feel that again. He can't even handle it when he thinks you're mad at him, he's not perfect by any means, but he truly loves you, and would die to protect you. What you two have is what everyone wants, it's rare and beautiful. No, it's not always gonna be roses, but it is true and genuine. Your love for him is just as true, I see that, I feel that,and I know you were meant for my son. I thank God everyday, that he brought you back into his life, and that one day you will become his wife, to stand at his side, as his equal partner in good times as well as bad. I love you MJ as my daughter, and you know how hard it is for me to trust anyone and let them in, but my arms are wide open for you as one of my own."

Do I not have the best Mother in law?? And I know what she says is true, because he does hate it when I'm mad, he hates it when we argue it makes him miserable and he begs me to stop being mad at him. When I have doubts about us I remember this, what his mom said, and what he told me once, although at the time it made me sad.

"I don't always like you, but not once have I stopped loving you"

And I believe that's true for everyone, if we always liked the person we lived with there would be no excitement, no adventure. So, "haters gonna hate" but I'm gonna live my life, with my fiance and not feel the need for a back up plan :) I have my life, and she's gonna have hers.

So that's my summer, crazy, eventful, and dramatic as all hell.

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