Thursday, June 2, 2011

College kid

Hello all. I'm sorry that I've been so MIA lately...hmm lets see what all has happened since my last post? Lord that was back in April!!!!!!!! Okay so...I graduated!! I'll put pictures up later. I went to the beach! It was my graduation trip with my family, and it was so much fun. I wanna go back so bad, I think I wanna live there one day. I moved into my dorm Tuesday May 31. My roommate is a girl I roomed with before and while we don't get along we've decided to work it out :) So I'm hopeful about that. He gets to come home SOOOOON!!!! We've already got dates for them coming back to the states, so I'll have to do another post to talk about that :)

Today was my first day of class, and I'm reallly starting to realise that I'm not fully grown up like I want to be yet. I still need to work on my flexibility and to learn to handle conflict. I need to get off blogger and do my homework too :P I will in a minute though. I really hope this is a growing and learning experience for me, I really think I need that. Well anywho, that's my updates :) I'll go in depth later :)

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  1. Let me tell you, I grew up exponentially in college! Give it some time and you will see a change. =]


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