Friday, April 1, 2011

I dare ya Punk

Back in the days when we were young...when everything was like a loaded gun... Yess I'm in that mood today. I'm in the lose myself in the good ol Puddle of Mudd mood, some Rob Zombie gets thrown in there, I won't mind :) Oh yes...Dragula :)

Haha so I think today is going to be an introspective, little known fact kind of day.

My freshman year I had a punk stage. There. I said it. It's out. I wore all black shirts, blue jeans, and Vans. I love my Vans. They were straight laced, and I can't even skate. I wore dark blue eye make up, heavy liner, and hadn't yet discovered mascara,


If I didn't have all of the make up on, I didn't have any on. My hair was long, natural, sometimes it wasn't even brushed. It was just too curly for me to do anything with and it look good. Of course the teachers still liked me, but they were wary of me. My friends were almost all guys. And my best friend? That was a fellow punk girl named E. E and I were best friends, and she just so happened to date Mr's best friend. So it was a match made in Heaven. I listened to some head bangin music, stuff that I don't even like now, much less then. I got into some weird habits, such as not eating, like



And dropped about twenty pounds. That's the only thing I liked about that stage in my life. That and Mr. He was my little punk buddy, wore black beanies, listened to the same stuff as me, only harder rock versions. He called me a punk and I loved it. Really, Rob Zombie brought us together. I was the random girl who he noticed listenin to some hard stuff. Anywho, yeah. That was me, if you can imagine it...sometimes I still have a hard time believing it!

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