Thursday, April 7, 2011

100 Facts about me, Part 2

Alrighty then. Part 2 :)

26. I've always struggled with my weight. When I was six I decided I was too fat.

27. I'm not that excited about prom

28. I'm VP of my school's chapter of National Honor Society

29. I've dyed my hair twice. Red both times. And both times it faded very quickly.

30. I get frusturated very easily with certain people

31. It's taken me a week to do this

32. I turn 18 in 5 days

33. I highly doubt that anyone is reading this

34. I'm a worrier

35. I wear contacts

36. I love helping in the second grade

37. Mister knows my iPod passwords

38. I can be a huge hypocrite

39. I forgot to apply for housing

40. I would be perfectly okay with getting married tomorrow

41. I'm addicted to Facebook

42. I can type without looking

43. I'm afraid of math

44. I'm afraid of snakes

45. I love kids

46. I don't really know how to use my calculator

47. I'm really good at making up sentimental stuff for papers

48. I'm jealous a lot

49. I have an unnatural hate for skinny blonde preppy people

50. Idk how I'm going to think of 50 more

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