Friday, January 14, 2011

What I love about my man week 1

Mel Is having an awesome link up. If you love your man then....enter it. And we all love talking about him, so why not do it?

What I love about Mr? How about the way he sang to me in the car as I was falling asleep on his lap on break one day? And played with my hair and held my hand...sigh. Ooor the way he always makes me laugh when I don't want to.

I love the way he stays calm when I'm freaking out about everything. He just tells me to calms down and it'll be alright and somehow I believe him.

I love the way he lets things slip out in conversations. Once, we were texting and he was in a bad mood and he kept saying lol over and over and I was like do you EVER actually laugh out loud? Because if you did I'm pretty sure people would think you're crazy. And his reply was "Lol I laugh everytime. You make me laugh even when I'm not in the mood, I like that"

I love how unobservant he is :) He grabs my keys when we get places and locks us out of cars...well that happened once :) But it was pretty funny.

What do you love about your man? Head on over to
Mel and link up and tell us :)

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