Thursday, January 6, 2011


How do I find it? I feel like my whole dang life is USMC. Eat sleep and breathe it. A few years from now it'll be fine but right now?? I mean, how do I find that balance between the we And the me? I just don't know anymore. My goal for this deployment? Find MJ again. Be myself again. Whatever that means you know?

He got to Okinawa yesterday. I heard that from his mama. Still haven't talked to him since Tuesday. But whatever. Things will happen the way they are meant to happen. And I'm fine with that. Well kind of. That boy...we talked about getting mad at each other and is changed from I could never be mad at you to I hate being mad at you. I didn't know how to explain it then but I do now. He doesn't make me mad as much as hurts my feelings more often than not.

And I'm sorry if this post upsets anyone I don't mean for it too I just need to get it out.


  1. It is always important to set and keep goals for just yourself that don't revolve around Matt or the USMC. No master what happens with us and the Navy I'm determined to complete the goals I've set for myself no matter.what.


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