Tuesday, January 18, 2011

My phone :)

Totally awesome pjs Iwant

Meee on my way to work :)
My foot after I fell :/ It still hurts

My boot :/

COLLEGE ALGEBRA book...oh boy...


  1. I love the pj's and your foot looks like it hurts a lot! That's no fun.:(

  2. Yeah, those pj's rock. :)
    Sorry about your foot. :(
    And eww...algebra is gross. :/

  3. Dang I know that foot hurts - I've done that. Algebra yuck - I'm taking some kind of math right now too hate it!

  4. my hubby sprained his ankle over a month ago, it's barely starting to heal. it was 3+ sprain he was in crutches for 3 weeks, GEEZ!! hope you're doing better, i feel better seeing your ducky lips if it's any concellation. ;)

  5. haha ONESIES! <3 you should get a pair!
    Im sorry about your booboo :[ Hope it feels better!
    Have an awesome week lovely!

  6. ur foot is so cute. it's so tiny and roundy. it's like one of my little kids' feet. i'm sorry u hurt it :(

  7. Oh my goodness! Are they adult onesies????? I neeeeeeeeed one!!! They don't sell them here!


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