Tuesday, October 26, 2010

My New Button!!!! And..I had an accident.

I made a new button to go with the new name!! I'm still not sure about the picture...what do ya'll think?

On to other news, I had a car accident last night. I tried to stop at a stop sign, and started to skid all over the road, flew in between two trees and landed on flat ground beside a creek. Yes, I'm fine, I'll post some pictures of the crash site. I feel so lucky right now. Yes, my car is...broken, and yes it will cost a lot of money to fix it, but I'M STILL HERE. How I did not nosedive and hit the concrete culver, I will never know. I choose to think God was in that car with me. The last thing I remember seeing is a tree in the center of my windshield. Then I was just sitting there. The driver's side window crashed in around me. The windshield split over my head. But it didn't break. I sat there for a minute, and then tried to open my door. It wouldn't budge. So MJ got to be a race car driver....That's right I slid out of the window. I couldn't find my phone, so I ran up the hill to the road, and tried to flag down a car. A few passed by giving me dirty looks. Yes, even in podunk they still pass by a neighbor, sad if you ask me. But one man did stop, he was my angel yesterday. We'll call him W.S. He pulled over, let me use his cell phone, and stayed with me until my mother got there, and then stayed until the police got there. He was so nice, he kept telling me not to cry, it'll be okay. I was worried about my parents being mad at me and he just told me that all they would care about is me being okay.

So my parents got there and called the police.The police officer took one look at the car, the path it traveled, and asked how I was still alive. I was like "Uh...*sob*" And buried my head in my mom's shoulder lol. I cried a lot yesterday.

I told Mr. and he called me when the police were questioning me, so I couldn't talk to him. When I got home I took a shower, I had glass EVERYWHERE, and he called when I got out, it felt so good to talk to him. I told him I was fine but of course he didn't believe me and asked to talk to my mother. After that he just tried to make me laugh. I got to talk to one of his friends, unexpectedly, like just handed the phone to him and walked off...lol, and apparantly he'd been talking about it because his friends were concerned, that made me feel kinda special, not gonna lie.

But yeah, I stayed home today for some minor soreness but other than that I'm fine :)

The cop car is right in front of hte stop sign

The car came in the opening right above the concrete. The cop said if I hadn't have been turning right I would have nose dived into the creek, flipped and gotten seriously injured.

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  1. Baby Girl, I Love you and am so happy you are safe. Man, I am really happy you are alive and safe, I don't think I can say that enough. God has bigger plans for you and yes, I also think he was in that car with you.


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