Friday, October 21, 2011

Meet up!

So today sometime around noon I get to FINALLY meet the one, the only, Jessikuh
Words cannot describe how excited I am! She is one of my first followers, we "met" a year and a half ago! She was from Knoxville and we started texting and she's one of the only people that I go to for reliable relationship advice haha. We're both so alike when it comes to that stuff, I know she won't steer me wrong. We even go to the same school, weird right?? I can't believe we haven't met up on campus before, I mean I know our campus is huge but dang!! I'm going to see her after I meet up with my Social Work advisor.

Oh yeah, I switched majors :) Social work feels right, but weirdest part is, my advisor shares first names with my Bear. >.< My life lol

So to end, I'M SO EXCITEDAND I'M TAKING PICTURES!! Haha Jessikuh be prepared :)))) 

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  1. Oooooh I don't know when you did your blog makeover but I love it! Have fun on your bloggy date!


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