Saturday, November 27, 2010

A year in review-plus dates

November 2009- On this day, exactly a year ago I said yes to Mr. I was afraid, excited, and anxious. It didn't work out well before so why should it this time? Sooo with a full heart and bated breath it started...

December 2009- We went on our first date :) We went to see New Moon actually. Not the best movie ever...said I love you for the second first time

January 2010- Happy New Year!!!!!! Texted him for the first time and didnt expect the reply I got :) He went to MOS school and we began textn regularly. Feel more and more in love

February 2010- His 19th birthday!! On Feb 1 He was promoted to PFC and I was sooo proud of him.

March 2010- Not a good month for us. We fought a lot and broke up for a day. Bad bad karma because he got assigned to California duty station. :( I hate hate hate that hes so far away. I was at PCUB when he texted me the info. I literally broke down inside a museum and cried for hours.

April 2010- My 17th bday on the 17th!! Woke up to a text from him and it definitely made my day. :D Found out his deployment information...and got a job at MickeyD's

May 2010-Finally got into the swing of him being 3 hours away. Things got busy i got my license!

June 2010- Worked a lot and we established a routine.

July 2010- Same...He proposed and I said yes

August 2010- Started senior year!! Realized how different it was gonna be without him for the last half of senior year. He's gona be gone for seven long months and its gonna kill me so bad

September 2010-Told ya'll about my whole engagement deal!! :)

October 2010- Started to feel like our lives are going in two different directions. It hurt makes one year weve been together. I still have moments but he helps me through them. I found out he comes home DECEMBER 17-JANUARY 2 :)))

Thats right! He comes home SOOOOOONNNN!! I am one happy MJ

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  1. Congratulations beautiful!


    Regarding your last post; Take a deep breathe. And think, what is most important..caring about who everyone thinks you are, or caring about who God knows you are? Please HIM first, and other things will fall into place.

    I Love you girl!


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