Saturday, November 6, 2010

Confession time...

I own no USMC love clothing...As in I don't have anything that says "I love my Marine" or "USMC Fiancee" I know. I'm such a loser when it come to that stuff. I know some girls whom that's all that they wear, and I'm just like UH...damn. Wish I had some. So for christmas this year if anyone is curious as to what I want...AHEM HINT HINT. WINK WINK. GIGGLE GIGGLE GIGGLE. BIG RED FIRE TRUCK. Oooh look...a link...
*cough cough* Lol but seriously, I want some sweat pants, and a hoodie and a loose comfy
T with that stuff on it. Or a cute T to wear places, bc I would def wear it everyday. Ooh bumper stickers...notepads... O.O Maybe that can be my Christmas present to myself...


  1. LOL! Just don't go overboard with it! I ran into a woman who was wearing an Army wife hat and a sweater while carrying an Army wife handbag. She got upset when I identified her as an Army wife. She was upset that I was unable to see her as an individual...not as an Army spouse. Um...hmmm...wonder why? LOL!

  2. Yea...I think you can be alright without it. I mean I own a waterbottle...and that's about it.

    It's a darn good water bottle too :)
    But YOUR man is the one that needs support :) Not the whole world.

  3. Lol trust me, its a pipe dream. After this wreck I had last week I'm flat brokeded!!

  4. That reminds me of today when I was stopped behind an SUV that had "Proud Navy Mom" on her license plate, a bumper sticker that said "Proud Parent of a Sailor", and a "My son is in the Navy" magnet sticker....

    to which I (sarcastically) turn to my grandma and go "I don't know about you, but I'm going to take a wild guess and say that woman in front of us is a Navy mom" :P

  5. Lol if I am ever that person I expect to be shot. Repeatedly. lol

  6. lol I have an "Im a coastie's girl" hoodie, but no coastie wife stuff! LOL

    maybe I should ask for some for xmas too!!!


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