Friday, August 7, 2009


Okay really, all of this back and forth with a blog is getting old. I took offense at autumns, and she said that she wouldnt do it and then takes offense at mine. *sigh* Repeatedly this summer I've heard yeah I'm a hyprcrite *giggle* well usually thats something ppl try to CHANGE. and erin was in the right because she had a right to tell him bc she was worried about him getting hurt. Yes you're my friend and I love you but you were in the wrong, and I'm not going to support something that is so totally in the wrong. Love ya Autumn


  1. MJ, Autumn may not have understood the action you chose, but it was made and is DONE. You can't take it back, you can't make it UNhappen. Autumn needs to see that you are her friend, we are her friends and that doesn't change based on one incident in life, I am certain there will be MANY others....Love you both!

  2. For real??? So say you were dating someone and you joked about something like i did and i run up to him and said " i think you should know what mj said..." you can't say you wouldn't be mad. she should have talked to me about it first no matter what, even if she was still going to tell him about it she doesn't know me and didn't know the entirety of it. So don't try to make something right that isn't. You wouldn't understand unless it was done to you.

  3. Candygirl,
    You have a point that it should not have happened AT ALL, but at the same time, you have to take responsibility for what you DID say. We have reached that age in life, where we have to own up and receive the consequences for our own actions, whether they be good or not so good. Autumn, you should NOT have even joked about not loving Jason, plain and simple. MJ and I should NOT have ever gotten involved any drama about the situation at all! I do get where you are coming from, but I still disagree with you. You were NOT 100% right, and MJ was NOT 100% wrong. You know it as well as I do, so deal with it Autumn. We chose one side, and you chose another. Neither choice was great, and that is all there is to it.


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