Sunday, August 16, 2009

Rambly like

So guy from Second Semester is no more. From now on he is Martini bc thats a feminine name for a lil bitty boy. Seriously, he tiny. but anyways im over him and I'm gonna start school tomorrow with fresh eyes and a new personality than last year. Who cares what ppl say ab me, they don't even know me. Haha omg PCUB has given me WAY too much confidence!! Lol then again im tired, im on 3 hrs of sleep for the last almost 48 hrs and im way too hyper for this but whatever. I GOT SUMMER READING DONE AND IM SO FRIGGIN HAPPY...ahem im done now...just got essay ?'s and vocab and im outta the woods SUCCESS. School is gonna feel like such a letdown after PCUB bc its not gonna be my pcub family and the ppl will be all weird and won't get the jokes...sigh...i really hate going to skool w ppl who've known me since like kindergarten, they judge way too much. "Hey, yeah sorry that I kicked over ur legos, we were 7 LET IT GO, and while you're at it, how ab we DONT tell ppl ab the time that i fell off the seesaw..."and so on and so forth. its hard to be friends w those people and then to not be friends for like 6 freakin years then all of a sudden omg its my buddy!! no fake biotch its not its ur exbuddy who you dissed for some other little girl. Dang, I miss Dillon. Me and him were like attached at the hip until about 6th grade. We were in all of our elementary classes together, K-5 no joke. Then poof I realized he was a boy, he realized I was a girl, and there it goes. Last time me and him talked it was Freshman Bio and we're ab to be Juniors :*(. but anyways that was long and rambly like lol later

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