Sunday, November 13, 2011

What happens in Vegas...

Alright this may be super long but it's my ball weekend :)
Wednesday- Traveled all damn day. At my last lay over before Vegas in LAX and Bear calls from his friend's phone asking all this random information about my flights and such and I'm like Why...and he tries to be evasive at least :p So he surprised me and picked me up from the air port :)) The first thing he does is grab me and we spin ♥ He takes me to his friend and is like "This is MJ. I'm not going crazy anymore" *SIGH*

Thursday- We got up and checked out of the hotel and the RIO let us check in earlier than we expected so we napped. All day. Lmao. We got up and I got ready and we're sitting there waiting for a good time to go down and he just keeps looking at me. I was like "What?!" And he goes "Nothin, can't I just look at you?" I almost started sobbing right then and there. We get down there and meet up with this friends, one goes "There she is!!" And runs up to me like a puppy dog lol. Everyone "heard so much about you!!" I'm sure ya'll knows how that feels, I felt so special. We ate and left, because Bear got sick. He almost passed out and I was literally holding one arm and had one around his waist, rules be damned. He was better after we ate though. We went out on the strip with his friends and it was amazing.

Friday and Saturday we just together as much as possible. Went to some tourist attractions, him and his buddy shot at a gun shop. It was a great weekend. When he dropped me off I wanted to die. He was still sick and it killed me to leave him like that :( But his friend is sending me updates and keeping me informed. He promised to take care of Bear for me ♥ 
I haven't gotten to talk to him yet, his phone won't be back on until Tuesday. But honestly the first day sucks!!!!! 

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