Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Show and Tell Tuesday

Hey y'all! Okay so I'm doing Show and Tell Tuesday over at Mrs. Yellow Ribbon. And this week the topic is words or phrases you use all of the time.
Oh boy lol. This is gonna be fun...
Y'all- Southern for you all, typically the most used word in a Southerner's vocabulary
I mean...-I use this all of the time. I tend to be very honest as a person and this gets me a lot of complications with people...I find myself backtracking a lot
For real??- Used like "You've got to be kidding me" I say this a lot when my second grader's tattle..."Miss. Marissa **** is playing with lint!!" "For real?!"
Uhm...-This comes out more often than not...I use it to stall lol
Lmao- I use this in almost every text because I find most things funny lol
Why?- I'm very curious so I use this throughout the day
Right?-This is my agreement, or just when I don't have anything else to say"She's so annoying!" "Right...?" lol
Head on over and tell us, what words do you use?

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