Tuesday, March 22, 2011

I'm posting from math...again

So I haven't heard fom Mr. in exactly 31 days. Christ that's a whole month!!! That makes me sad, but I know he's doing stuff in Japan. And THAT makes me so proud. I never thought this MEU deployment would be anything like this. I thought it would be talks every weekend, funny pictures of him and his buddies, and I thought it would be fun for him. But it's not. This will be heart breaking for him to see all of the devastation, and I know him, and he will do anything he can do to help. Anything. Is it wrong for this to scare me? I mean, really, is it? I'm not being selfish, I promise.
Those people in Japan, it's breaking my heart, I can't even watch the news anymore because everytime I see it I get sick. How do they recover?
And the Japanese people, HOLY COW those people are just amazing. I saw a story where a business man lost EVERYTHING and all he cared about was finding his workers, and making sure THEY were okay, he could have cared less about himself. THAT is true honor to me. They are such an honorable people, and so giving to each other. Maybe every bad thing really does bring something good.
And I'm learning that in every tragedy there are little everyday miracles. A four month old baby was found amidst rubble I think it was three or four days, after being ripped from it's mother's arms. Holy cow. And the little miracle? This baby was ALIVE and healthy. I can't help but be awed by that.


  1. We can ALL learn from the Japanese people about overcoming tragedies...instead of causing riots and looting, they are really sticking together and helping one another.

  2. I have watched countless people on the news attempting to rebuild their lives from scratch and how people can remain so optimistic over there after losing everything. They are truly amazing and your husband is doing so much for them by being in Japan :)


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