Tuesday, February 8, 2011

We can Live like Jack and Sally

I'm breaking the cardinal rule of blog posting, by posting twice. Buuut I just hope y'all love me enough to read both? :D This post is going in a completely opposite direction.
I MISS HIM. I miss getting random little pictures of him before bed with his eyes all sleepy and a goofy tired smile on his face. I even miss sleep texting him. I know, I'm a nut. I miss waking up to his "huh" when I would reply in my sleep "andkdlk hajeoe" It happened...nightly lol.
I miss him calming me down when I get really stressed and freak out over everything. His "Calm down babe" would always do the trick. I could send him a 5 page text saying why my life sucked and he'd say "You're ok babe. I know you can do it, I love you" I miss his sweetness. I mean we have problems, and we would have had days where we hardly texted but we could have had 2 or 3 of the random conversations that I save EVERY SINGLE TEXT of. Just *sigh* I guess.
I hate that I've broken so bad lately.
I can't stand how weak I've been.
And I'm sorry I've been depressing


  1. Everyone is depressing at some point along the road of life. Just remeber that you are not weak. You are strong. Strong enough to face each day without him. Strong enough to count down until you get to see his face again. As strong as you have to be right now. Oh, and let's be friends?

  2. You'll be ok. You ARE strong. It is hard, but you can do it! God picks the strongest women and pairs them with soldiers. Just remember that =] You are strong enough to endure the wait, and it'll be worth it in the end =]

  3. Hahaha I know EXACTLY what you mean. Sometimes it's good to just break down... But hit that ground running girl! We'll both make it through it

  4. Thanks so much!! :) I really appreciate it


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